Friday, May 19, 2017

DIY Father's Day Gift Idea for Kids: Building Memories with Lego Block

Nothing beats a homemade gift from the heart! Enjoy quality time together and create an easy DIY Father’s Day Gift that will build memories to last a lifetime!

Buying gifts for men is always hard! It seems like Keith rarely needs or wants anything, which can make material items seem like a waste of money. But I do know one thing that he always enjoys, and that’s spending time doing fun activities with his three boys…making THIS the perfect gift!

The kids and I recently sat down together and brainstormed a long list of their favorite activities to do with Dad. It wasn’t hard, since he keeps us constantly on the go! Plus, each child had their favorites, so our jar quickly filled up when we began writing these different adventures onto individual building blocks. I know that Keith will love the thought behind the gift, as well as the seemingly endless stash of readily available options for those precious Saturday afternoons when we happen to have some free time! And as we check off each item from our “list,” the boys will literally AND figuratively be building special memories with their Father.

That’s a gift to last a lifetime!

So what exactly went inside Keith’s jar? What are the kids’ favorite ways to spend time with their Dad? Well, let’s start by making one thing clear: whatever these boys do always involves food! So if you’re gifting Dad with a jar of activities, you’ll probably want to include some snacks to have on hand as well!

For instance, I recently caught Keith and Casey diligently working on one of Casey’s new Lego sets that he received for his birthday…while also munching on some Horizon Snack Grahams!

Another favorite father-son activity? Watching a movie!

This particular afternoon included a Thomas the Tank Engine movie, as well as some Horizon Cheddar Snack Crackers… Dr. Seuss Coloring Pages

Some additional ideas that made it into our jar were making s’mores around the fire pit, planting a tree or working in the garden, riding the tractor (always Spencer’s request), going for a hike (don’t forget to pack the Horizon Fruit Snacks for easy energy on the trail), having a water gun battle, and enjoying a picnic.

These Horizon cheese snacks are perfect, by the way, for stashing into picnic baskets! For the leader of our pack, and the man who can do it all, the gift of time and special memories with his babies is the most precious present available!

I hope that you’ll take some inspiration from our family’s favorite activities and snacks to create a special DIY Father’s Day Gift for your own dad this season as well — and build many special memories along the way!

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